Words Matter!

Words Intrigue, Explore, Persuade, Enchant, Inform, Cajole, Enhance, Explain, Examine, Dissect, Entreat, Convince, Sing, Invite, Offer, Envision, Articulate, Disturb, Complete, Analyze, Dance, Roll, Run, Sell, Lull, Brand, Promote, Build, and Engage.

Words Matter!

and the right words matter the most.

When you are looking for the right words, call on SweetCopy.

  • International Communications: English to English

    English has become the language of international commerce, but writing for a global audience means paying attention to word choices and the wide—and wild—variety of expressions used by native speakers. SweetCopy helps English as a second language speakers smooth out the rough edges in written communications and works with native speakers to create messages that are easily understood across borders. English is not one language—it is many!

  • Names & Brands: It's all in the name

    Clever names of products, services, companies, organizations and events communicate a great deal. Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? Yes. But in a crowded market does your name sell or hide your message? SweetCopy provides ‘name-storming’ with inspired ideas. The right name is the first step in effective branding.

  • Event Promotion

    Who? What? When? Where? And most of all—Why? A classic press release answers all these questions in concise, reader-friendly language that news outlets, websites, and bloggers adapt to their particular styles. It’s about clarity. SweetCopy provides expansive event promotion text for your website and succinct, shareable messages for promotional outreach.

  • Sales Materials, Leave Behinds and Brochures

    It’s not just a piece of paper—it’s a message. With more and more electronic business interactions, a printed piece stands out. Sometimes, it’s worthwhile to end a meeting with a classic brochure, sales sheet or other leave behind. It’s a tangible reminder that lingers much longer than a website address.

  • Website Content

    Websites are in constant competition, vying for the attention of casual and serious visitors. Content is key to engaging and creating an environment that enhances your brand, promotes your product, or invites repeat site visits. SweetCopy provides relationship-driven content, text developed to appeal to your customers or constituents, and strategies that encourage interaction. Intriguing content is so much more than searchable words and phrases. It is the opening statement in a dialog. Get the conversation going in the right direction!

  • Social Media Consulting, Content & Strategies 

    Social Media can be an extraordinary selling tool OR a fantastic waste of time & energy. It’s also a monster with a voracious appetite for content! SweetCopy provides social media consulting for businesses and associations, including tutorials on the use of appropriate media, strategies that take advantage of social media’s unique qualities, and original social media content.

  • Ghost Blogging 

    The blog pages of business and association websites help draw repeat visitors. SweetCopy provides original content on an on-going basis with blogging on subjects of interest to your market. Don’t rely on reposting existing content when you can engage your potential customers with entertaining and informative posts tailored to their interests. Ghost posts are written in the voice of your organization, reflecting the unique qualities of your brand.